Key Issues

"I am ready to use my energy and tenacity to deliver for the 105th Assembly District.  With your support, we can help our communities to thrive."

Investing in a Brighter Future for the 105th Assembly District

Jill Fieldstein will deliver real, sustainable growth to the 105th District.

Green Energy

Transitioning to cleaner sources of energy is not only good for our environment, but also for our economy.  In 2019, green jobs made up one-fifth of all jobs in New York – good jobs involving enhanced skills and in a variety of innovative industries.  I will work to bring green jobs here to provide greater opportunities for our workforce.

Economic Development

New York is a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship.  I will collaborate with public and private partners to attract these innovators—and good-paying jobs—to our area.

Affordable Housing

To support a growing workforce, we must offer more affordable housing.  I will encourage the development of affordable, attractive, mixed-use developments in our community.

Reproductive Rights

New York championed reproductive rights with the passage of the Reproductive Health Act, which codified Roe v. Wade into law. But there is more to do and I will work to expand reproductive justice and ensure that all New Yorkers have the freedom and opportunity to make their own reproductive choices.


Our children’s future is our most important investment, and it must start with our youngest children.  Publicly funded, high quality universal pre-K must be available to every three- and four-year-old in our district.  We must also demand that every public school in our District receives sufficient funding so that all our children are fully equipped for a successful future.


A thriving economy needs a robust workforce. That requires providing access to high-quality, affordable care for our children, our parents and those who need long-term services.  I will fight for affordable care programs to help care workers earn a living wage.

Health Care

I will work hard to ensure that every New Yorker has access to comprehensive and affordable health care.


The latest census confirms that Dutchess County has an aging population.  I will look for opportunities to enhance the services available to our senior community.

Emergency Workers

Our volunteer first responders need assistance in retaining members and attracting new and younger members. I will help secure all available program funding to allow our bravest to provide the high level of emergency services our communities need.  

Fair and Open Elections

New York has made great strides in reforming the election laws to make voting accessible to more voters, but there is much more to do.  I will use my experience working at the Board of Elections to enact reforms that will remove the remaining barriers impeding a citizen’s right to vote.


Dutchess County is blessed with natural beauty and open space.  I will assist communities with identifying funding and tools aimed at the development of comprehensive outdoor recreation plans to enhance local economies through outdoor tourism.


Farming is one of the largest industries in Dutchess County, contributing to employment, incomes, and tax revenues.  I will advocate for laws and programs aimed at benefitting our local farmers.